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Data Protection and Security

What is Egress Switch?

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of hosted and on-premise encryption services designed to secure all forms of electronic information and delivered to customers in both the Public and Private Sectors via a single platform: Egress Switch. Egress encryption services are currently used by organisations across multiple sectors including, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Central Government Departments, Blue Light, the 'Third Sector, Private Healthcare and Professional and Financial Services. With infrastructure located in secure UK data centres, our services are assessed against recognised international standards ISO9001, ISO20000 and ISO27001, and are subject to regular audits, assessments and inspections by certification bodies, regulators and accreditors.

Why is Healthcare RM using Egress Switch?
Egress Switch allows Healthcare RM staff to securely send confidential information to external email accounts (including Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail). The nature of the work we carry out with medical professionals and patients means that we often deal with information that is sensitive, which we wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Measures such as secure postal services have been in place for some time now. However we are increasingly sending information by email, as this is quicker and more convenient for the people we work with. We’ve therefore introduced an easy to use piece of software that will help ensure that any information sent by email is secure.

Is Egress Switch free to use for service users and other recipients?
Yes. All recipients can view and securely reply to emails sent via Egress Switch from Healthcare RM for free. They will only be charged if they use Egress themselves to send to recipients other than Healthcare RM.

How do recipients view Egress encrypted emails?
On their first use only, recipients will be required to create an Egress account before they can sign in to view the email they’ve received. This is a short and simple process. Creating an account requires input of an email address and the creation of a password. Once this is done, an activation code will be sent to that email address. Recipients will then be able to sign in. This will allow Egress encrypted emails to be viewed. A step-by-step guide for this process can be found here.

Can multiple people view the email once it is decrypted?
In general, emails can only be viewed by the original recipient. However, ‘access settings’ can be amended to allow others read access. This is useful in the case of group mailboxes, or where an individual needs to grant read access to another individual such as a colleague. Information on how to make these changes can be found here.

This process seems too long, can I speed it up?
Once signed up, you do not have to do this again. You can read the protected message as normal. When using a handheld device, you will only need to enter your password to read protected messages.

Can Egress Switch be used on a mobile phone or tablet?
Yes. Egress Switch has a mobile website to enable easy use on a mobile device. There is also an Egress Switch ‘app’ available for BlackBerry devices and iPhones/iPads, and will be available soon for Android devices.

Can Egress Switch be used on Apple Macs?
Yes. The Egress Switch client can be installed on Mac OSX 10.6 and above.

Does Egress store any of my data?
Egress does not handle or store any information that users share. The information is encrypted using AES 256-bitencryption and written to a secure package which can be transferred to the recipient using CD/DVD, USB stick, local file, FTP, HTTP, or an attachment to email. The information Egress keeps relates to user management, packagemanagement and audit information only. Egress considers this information to be sensitive too, so they have designed their policy engine to use secure transactions, strong authentication, and a secure encrypted server database.

Can Egress see my information?
Egress have gone to great lengths to ensure they cannot see your information. The Egress Client software encrypts and decrypts your information on your local machine therefore Egress does not have access to it.

Who can external recipients contact if they are having technical issues with Egress Switch?

They should contact the Egress support team directly using the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 0871 376 0014

Further advice and guidance in using Egress Switch can be found here on the Egress website.

For further enquiries about Egress Switch and its use in Healthcare RM, please contact us using the form.

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