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How much does the service cost?
Healthcare RM does not provide off the shelf packages so there is no fixed price. The service is carefully delivered according to each client’s individual needs. However, ROI is priced very favourably for our clients.

What Services are provided?
Healthcare RM provides services that relate to every aspect of employee health - this ranges from employment placement medicals to the provision of on-site personnel. If it relates to employee health we deal with it.

What is the financial benefit to a Company in using your services?
Our clients see a minimum of a three to one return on investment on employee health costs by using our services, and usually much greater.

My Company only has the occasional case where we need medical advice. Can you still help?
Yes we can. We deal with companies of all sizes from those like you who only need help occasionally to those companies who require on-site health surveillance tied into a totally integrated solution.

My company does not know what it wants or what is needed.
This is not unusual as the market can be quite confusing with what is on offer. We are a health risk management company and not just a standard occupational health company and therefore it is important to identify your needs first. We would clearly identify what you need before proposing any changes.

I am in charge of my company's OH department and we do not have the skills to deal with some litigious claims. Would you be able to help us?
We have a Complex Case Team which specialises in dealing with those more difficult cases and we work alongside company OH departments, insurance companies and pension departments.

Can Healthcare RM deal with TUPE issues in relation to staff we are acquiring?
Yes, indeed we are very aware of this sensitive area and have considerable experience in dealing with TUPE issues.

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