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FROG Programmes (Functional Rehabilitation for Optimal Gain)

What are FROG programmes?

Enhance the health and wellbeing of your workforce and significantly reduce costs resulting from absence, healthcare treatment, legal claims and insurance.

FROG programmes are a highly effective means of helping someone understand and manage their condition following an episode of musculoskeletal pain. In many cases they will have been through a number of previous medical treatments, but have been unable to return to their former levels of activity. FROG programmes are multidisciplinary and include input from orthopaedic physicians, physiotherapists, cognitive behavioural therapists and fitness instructors. There are two main programmes dependent on the needs of the participant, and can be individual or group based:

Short Programme

  • Education and exercise-based sessions over approximately 20 hours over 2 weeks

Long Programme

  • Education and exercise-based sessions over approximately 40 hours over 4 weeks

Our functional rehabilitation programmes have delivered the following significant benefits:

  • An 80% success rate in returning employees to work who were absent due to chronic low back pain
  • Significantly reduce the cost of sickness absence, healthcare treatments, legal claims and insurance
  • As effective as spinal surgery in dealing with chronic low back pain
  • Rated the most effective treatment for persistent back pain by the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (ARMA)
  • More effective than single-discipline treatments for chronic pain in general
  • A reduction in the number of lost working days when compared to other treatments
  • Typical 35% reduction in sickness absence
  • Typical 40% reduction in cost of musculoskeletal claims
  • Typical 50% reduction in cost of psychological claims

The benefits to patients:

  • Substantial reduction in pain and any associated disability
  • Substantial reduction in future problems
  • Increased mobility and quality of life
  • Improved management of pain problems

The benefits to occupational health departments:

  • Ability to manage the physical and psychological barriers to recovery and return to work
  • Rehabilitation for specific tasks
  • Reduced need for modified duties in short and long term

The benefit to insurance companies:

  • A substantial reduction in claims costs especially permanent health, motor and EL

The benefits to GPs:

  • Solution for patients to manage their own chronic pain
  • Patients may be able to access treatment via insurance or their employer
  • Will help manage other conditions and reduce GP consultations

Further Information:

For further information on details and dates of the programmes, or the clinical research please contact Adam Hamilton to discuss on 0333 577 8776.

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