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Do you have Back Pain?

"Latest research has suggested we are suffering back pain from an earlier age as fitness standards drop. It states that the lack of exercise means many men do not have the core muscle strength to properly support their frames. On average, back pain first hits men at the age of 37, the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) claims – significantly younger than in the past.

A survey of 2,100 British men, commissioned by the BCA, suggests that 82% live with regular neck or back pain. "They might commute to work in their car, sit down all day, and only take part in activity once a week. Regular exercise, such as walking every day, would better protect people against injury when they are called upon to do unusual activities.

Rishi Loatey, a chiropractor from London, said "There's a strong link between poor muscle tone and back pain – people who are overweight do tend to have poor muscle tone so it’s important they focus on strengthening the muscles in their back"."

A review of Healthcare RM data from the past 3 years has seen that nearly 75% of musculoskeletal claims are from those individuals that are inactive and overweight/obese so this could indicate muscle deconditioning due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition.

At Healthcare RM we understand the contributory and behavioural risk factors that impact musculoskeletal claims and with an integrated approach can prevent, manage and mitigate the impact of these problems to individuals and businesses.

So what can we do?

It's time to be inspired by our sportsmen and women this month at the Ashes, Wimbledon and the Tour de France and get active!

  • If you're at work or at home, keep moving regularly, get up and move around every 30-40 minutes if you're sitting down
  • Keep drinking fluids, muscles work better when hydrated
  • Warm up before exercising
  • Start slowly and work your way up! Getting started in any activity is better than doing nothing!
  • If you already have some pain, book in to see one of our physiotherapists in Worcester or Tewkesbury by calling 0800 222 9993!
  • Book in to see our nutrition team in Worcester or Tewkesbury by calling 0800 222 9993 to make sure you're eating right!
  • Book in to see our corrective exercise specialist team in Worcester or Tewkesbury by calling 0800 222 9993 to make sure you're moving right and to strengthen those muscles!
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