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Self-care, stress and space: Wellbeing experts top tips for staff working from home

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An expert in workplace wellbeing has encouraged office staff that are currently working from home to follow a series of tips to boost productivity and mental wellbeing.

The Coronavirus situation has resulted in thousands of people working from home for the first time after Government instructions to do so where possible.

Victoria Davidson, Naturopathic Doctor and Wellbeing Lead at healthcare rm, has advised that workers try to maintain a regular routine, create a dedicated space for work and set aside time for keeping on top of the news. 

Established by healthcare professionals in 2000, Tewkesbury-based healthcare rm is the leading workplace integrated health service provider, working with leading global brands and SMEs across the UK.

Victoria said: “During such uncertain times, carrying on with ‘business as usual’ may seem a lot easier said than done. For some people, working at home is ideal, while others may struggle to begin with.”

To help manage working from home here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Designate an office space within your home, it will help create balance between working hours and home-life hours;
  2. Share ideas with your colleague on what you have done to adjust to home working.  It is important to realise that you are not the only one feeling they way your are.  A change in routine may take time for some people to re-adjust so supporting each other during this time to be beneficial. 
  3. Set reminders in your diary to take a break during the day, it is still important to get up and move and take a break from the screen. Use the opportunity to get a bit more movement into your day, or take some time to walk around the garden, or take some deep breathe.  Can help to break up the day, and boost concentration and productivity. 

Looking after yourself is also going to be important, not only during this time, but afterwards as well.  Ask yourself what are you doing on a daily basis for self-care? This is important whether you are working from home, or still working onsite. 

With less time spent commuting, it provide us with time to increase our activity, prep healthier meals, spend quality reconnecting with family/friends, doing something for personal growth and developement.  Looking after ourselves on a daily basis helps to provide balance, but also important for both physical and mental wellbeing. 

With the constant stream of news regarding coronavirus, try not to get wrapped up in the fake news, or constantly checking social media/TV for updates.  Only read advise from reputable resources, or if you are the type of person to worry, allocate yourself “worry time”. You are only allowed to worry for 30 minutes in which after that you must go and do something else. We are all in uncertain times, and constant worrying will have a negative effect on mental and physical wellbeing.  Focus on the things you are able to change, ie. moving during the day, healthier nutritional choices, self care practices and focus on keeping you and your loved ones well.  

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