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Skin Surveillance

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Employees who work in hazardous or high-risk environments who may be exposed to residual risk of harm from hazardous substances should have regular Skin Surveillance screening as part of their workplace’s ongoing Health and Safety program. Skin surveillance may also be appropriate where employees are likely to be exposed to substances known to cause skin sensitisation, urticaria or where there have been previous cases of work-related skin disease, such as dermatitis. Regular screening is also appropriate where there is a reliance on Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves or overalls as an exposure measure.

Our fully trained Technicians will carry out a Skin assessment, which is comprised of two parts: a questionnaire-based form and visual skin inspection. This will usually involve a close inspection of the employee’s hands, fingers and forearms. If anything is found from the visual inspection, the Technician has a duty of care to report any findings to the employer and would refer the employee to the relevant healthcare professional for further advice/treatment.

Skin Surveillance is normally on an annual basis the frequency of skin testing can depend on the nature of the risk for each workplace or working environment.

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