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Our Mission is Your Vision

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It goes without saying that our ability to see and navigate the world around us is a fundamental part of our every lives. In the workplace, it is no different. Loss of eyesight is often overlooked as this process can be relatively slow and may go unnoticed.

It is therefore vital that Vision testing is a key component of any Health Surveillance programme and is mandatory for those employees who work in Confined Spaces or who drive a Forklift Truck as part of their everyday roles. It is also essential for workplace safety reasons that anyone working in hazardous environments, with machinery or chemicals wears Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as safety glasses, to further protect their vision.

Our qualified technicians will often carry out a Vision test alongside other required tests, such as Audiometry in line with HSE guidelines or they can be completed solely as a request from a client. It is also important to note that the individual should wear any corrective lenses if prescribed during the test.

The test is comprised of two parts which aims to assess the individuals Far and Near Vision and within each part, the Technician would go through a variety of different tests assessing all aspects of normal visual acuity. The test begins with an assessment of Far Vision by assessing right and left eye Acuity, followed by binocular Acuity. Depth perception, Duochrome and Phoria testing all follow and the test is concluded with an assessment of the individual’s colour vision, where normal or disturbed colour vision can be identified. The same six tests are then repeated for Near Vision. To conclude the test, the Technician will then assess the individual’s Horizontal Visual Field i.e. Peripheral Vision and give verbal feedback on the overall results.

The Technician will then be able to identify any areas of the test where the individual may have struggled and will be able to offer any advice/guidance on the specific area, or make a referral to a relevant service e.g. Opticians for further examination.

If you would like to find out more about Vision assessments or any of our other health surveillance assessments, contact us.

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