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A member of your team has applied to be a Mental Health Advocate for Alvarez & Marsal. In preparation for the next phase of the application process we would value your opinion on your team member to help us make sure we select the very best people for the role.

Expected time commitments for Mental Health Advocates

The below provides you with an indictaion to the time Mental Health Advocates will need to commit:

Initial Training:
- Two Days

Ad hoc conversations with colleagues:
- Best practice is conversations of up to 30 minutes. We will encourage Mental Health Advocates to record how much time they are spending on these conversations and review regularly

Taking part in an internal Mental Health Advocates network:
- Up to 1 hour each month

Refresher Training:
- Half a day, every three years

I would therefore appreciate it if you would take a couple of moments to answer the following questions:
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