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How do I reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and work-related mental ill health?

healthcare rm’s unique approach: Our risk assessment process extends beyond the standard occupational risks to include the physical and psychological personal risks of employees. The process therefore reflects the real risk and ensures development of truly effective controls. 

  • Health surveillance – ensuring compliance whilst also assessing individual risks 
  • Psychological hazards – assessing occupational and personal stressors
  • DSE assessments – considering the person and their workstation 
  • Vehicle assessments – assessing physical and psychological ‘fit’ 
  • Manual handling – a new approach considering the individual and not just the tasks 

Occupational health issues in today’s working environment are as likely to be associated with psychological ill health and musculoskeletal disorders as the traditional issues of exposure to noise, hazardous substances and vibration. 

We use specialists with specific skills to address the occupational and personal risks that can affect your employees physically and psychologically.

Truly assessing occupational and personal risks to reduce the risk of harm

Working with our clients, we have achieved

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