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FLT Medicals

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Every day, on average, three people are seriously injured and/or hospitalised in incidents involving forklift trucks. Employees required to operate machinery such as forklifts may work in a fast-paced environment alongside many other individuals operating similar machinery. Employees operating such machinery should undertake a forklift truck medical regularly to ensure aspects of their health such as sight and hearing are not putting themselves or others at risk in the workplace.

Before workers are permitted to undertake forklift truck training, they should attend a health medical aimed at determining their suitability for the job role. Employees who have expired licences should also follow this recommendation, as health can degrade slowly over time without employee’s noticing such differences. Our Forklift Truck Medicals are designed to monitor employee health and safety in using such machinery. Employees’ sight, hearing, and medical history are assessed for suitability to operate forklift and are continuously monitored to ensure these crucial health indicators are not subject to degradation.

Upon arrival for their medical, an employee’s height, weight and blood pressure are checked to ensure the employee can operate inside a forklift safely and can exit the vehicle easily. Previous medical history is discussed to ensure there are no risk factors which may impact the employee’s capability, such as medication, ongoing medical conditions, or lifestyle factors, such as alcohol consumption. Advice is given throughout the medical for any concerns raised by an employee regarding their overall health, as well as ways to better look after their health.

Our vision assessment measures an employee’s ability to judge distances, different depths, as well as their peripheral vision. All these tests are crucial aspects of operating a forklift, particularly in an environment where other trucks are operating, as well as pedestrian areas.

Our hearing assessment evaluates an employee’s ability to hear and recognise different frequencies and volumes, which is monitored regularly throughout an employee’s employment. Results for all assessments above are presented and discussed openly with the individual to promote learning. Employers are made aware of any employees who do not pass their medicals, along with suitable recommendations on how they can improve their health so that they can be reassessed to encourage retainment.

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